KB2 Quarter of Beer for Day One edition

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KB2 Quarter of Beer for Day One edition

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Jun 22 2021, 15:27


It should look like that. Beer you need your own. To translation:

"Classic turn based strategy King's Bounty, is returning this summer in full-fledged part two. Fans of Heroes of Might & Magic will have a feast! With not only tactical battles, you can enjoy sophisticated RPG elements and moral choices, which will determine the fate of your realm. Only in our shop, you will receive also stoneware mug for a tasty beverage."

This is certainly original! Image
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Re: KB2 Quarter of Beer for Day One edition

Postby Pol » Jun 22 2021, 15:46

That's ofc still preorder, with a steam activation. Till this mmt is not clear, if the box will have also a DVD or just a digital licence. As our epoch dicatate, the second is sadly more likely.

Collector's Edition is expected to arrive too, later.

Just if you would be interested about recommended requirements these are TBC. Minimum is estimated to be: Win10, CPU with 4+ cores and 2.5GHz, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 470GTS or AMD 6870HD and 20GB of free space.

One last change is that now the producer is Koch Media instead of 1C Entertainment, which means that this batch of preorders should finally work. (Previous were refunded)

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