Invisible Caravan

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Invisible Caravan

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Jan 16 2021, 8:58


"This is the wonder invisible caravan created by Ubisoft. I've never seen any enemies take it out. Hell, I can't even see it myself if not for my color (yellow) showing that it is there."

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Re: Invisible Caravan

Postby Panda Tar » Jan 26 2021, 14:46

One Ring to Caravan them All.
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Re: Invisible Caravan

Postby Pol » Jan 27 2021, 15:48

Do you remember how you get always something extra for building the grail?

Hidden caravans would be a bliss.

Considering the game and mechanic, I don't see why they doesn't work like in H4.

Now speaking about strange grail function, what about Mad Goblins for Stronghold? A hordes of Goblins would attack other towns, to turn them neutral. :D
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