Lucky Draw

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Lucky Draw

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Jul 11 2020, 6:37


Luck straight from the hell. Courtesy of mshen from HC Kreegans! ;)

Thanks mshen
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Re: Lucky Draw

Postby wimfrits » Jul 12 2020, 12:06

Wow. 2 4d even :)
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Re: Lucky Draw

Postby Pol » Jul 20 2020, 14:02

Just to be fair, let me note that lastly when there was "More Combo Dots" event I did my draw too, and as usually, there was no Leg.

With all honesty, having all draw full of Leg is like a dream and this is first time when I have seen it. There could been a same chance to win million in lottery. :d
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Re: Lucky Draw

Postby Panda Tar » Jul 20 2020, 18:00

What the heck? Now you simply win 10 legendaries out of the blue?
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