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MMH Tactical View

Unread postby {CH}ArticleBot » 11 Apr 2020, 15:16


Probably the biggest feature, from my perspective, is tactical view for AC. It's fastest.

What do you see? I'm on the left as blue, enemy on the right as red.

My Monks and Orcs are free, enemy's monks are under my Vampire's attack (No Blah!). He just lost in the bottom bunch and therefore will loose in the upper position too.

Vampires started under cover of Ogres. Having two cavaleries ensure that at least one of them will go throu and overtank ranged and caster units in the enemy back row.

No Azure = Easy Win!

But still, it's autocombat.
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Re: MMH Tactical View

Unread postby BB Shockwave » 06 Feb 2021, 18:09

Means little when you cannot really control your troops just wait for cooldown abilities and mash them every now and then...

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