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One Upper

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Jun 16 2017, 16:03


Reward for one Upper, also, and that is super,
there's reward for dotless troopers.

If you played the game, then even if it's RPG side is weaker (or almost nill compared to M&M), you can feel JVC touch on every corner, check some quotes:


It would be my pleasure to give you
treasure. Keep this note that fell overboard;
in due time, it will unlock my hoard.
~The Dread Pirate Van Caneghem

You would think that since this is a magic
gate, it would always work.

I guess magma beats magic.

Like, thanks a bunch for gragging my lamp.
I knew you would find it, since we are best
friends forever!

Yippie! Thank you soooooo much for getting
my lamp, you have no idea how happyy that
makes me!

Take these totems, it's like, really powerfull
and junk. I cannot thank you enough!

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