Creature Quest - Eternal Phoenix

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Creature Quest - Eternal Phoenix

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Apr 12 2017, 22:07


Creature Quest - Eternal Phoenix (last stage of evolution).

  • Special burns single target for 450% PWR damage. and rest of the row for 20% lasting 3 turns
  • Heals itself from 30% HP and more when awakened, also rebirth once per combat when awakened.
  • Can be cleansed with for example Siren so its target doesn't meet certain death

Thanks Galaad for posting! Original thread goes here

.Deliberately I will also add link for Creature Quest Wiki, as Avonu posted today.
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Re: Creature Quest - Eternal Phoenix

Postby Panda Tar » Apr 27 2017, 2:46

The game has a gracious vibe about it. As I'm not a smartphone player, I'm not in the niche. But it does feel more Might & Magic-ky than H7 and H6 combined.
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Re: Creature Quest - Eternal Phoenix

Postby Galaad » Apr 27 2017, 5:47

Panda Tar wrote: As I'm not a smartphone player

I wasn't before CQ either. ;)

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