KB:DS Jealousy

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KB:DS Jealousy

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Dec 10 2016, 10:38

Girls, girls, girls. I like when they attack like nothing. Jealousy is just a pleasant bonus here.

Anyway the tin man is dead and demons control the combat flow. Just considering the portraits, who is the evil here?

And that burglar declared himself a valiant knight.
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Re: KB:DS Jealousy

Postby BB Shockwave » Mar 6 2017, 6:35

Maaan, the forced cringy dialogue in this game that made "Evil is Good" and such... It was really hard to swallow. It's your typical female-written sappy fanfic that you see in every genre, like in Transformers fanfics about Starscream being misunderstood and the Decepticons not being really evil.

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Re: KB:DS Jealousy

Postby Avonu » Mar 7 2017, 9:04

But Decepticons aren't evil - didn't you watch Transformers Prime?
(I didn't :P)

As for Darkside story - you need to do evil deeds to progress, so it's not "evil are really good but misunderstood guys".
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