H7 Necropolis Town Screen

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Postby mr.hackcrag » Feb 21 2015, 22:12

That guy in the video sure was amused with himself. :thinking: The audience was not impressed, which ironically worked to the benefit of the context of the subtitles.

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Bandobras Took
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Re: H7 Necropolis Town Screen

Postby Bandobras Took » Feb 22 2015, 5:52

BB Shockwave wrote:"Although I have been pretty critical of Ubisoft and HVI, I really have nothing to complain about for the town screens."

-Well, I HAVE! It's bloody 2015. How come Ubi is too lazy to give us proper animated 3D townscreens? or the costs in HOMMV were too high? IN HOMMVI, we know the reason was that they rushed the game and the developer could not produce them, hence the artwork... but come on! Move with the times! Even Age of Wonders III shows buildings you have built on the strategic map, even.

Oh, come now. One of the first things everybody has done since Heroes V is complain that they're focusing too much on the graphics. If you start complaining that they're not focusing on the graphics enough, everybody will just get confused. :)
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Panda Tar
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Postby Panda Tar » Feb 23 2015, 13:57

I think they waste too much on graphics. Not on town screens. These ones are crap, indeed. They feel like back in Heroes 4, when they all were alike, only changing colours - and they all look like big military camps, rather than towns as we see in H5 or some of H3.

Too much details on units, animations, stuff that we really don't need. I LOVE artwork and details, but not for this game. It's completely useless. I would hate having to wait 3-4-5 seconds to see a unit attacking every goddamn time, or waiting 20 seconds to see a hero preparing a spell ... I do, oh, I DO! hope that this game will have means to cut animations or speed them up if we want to.

Also prefer well designed and beautiful 2.5D or 2D townscreens, animated, of course, than H5's. They were nice, but they were also pointless - besides, at that time, my PC wasn't powerful enough to play the game, so the fancy graphics became a burden, rather than a nice touch.
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Postby Tress » Feb 24 2015, 0:33

Don't think any town screens can be compared to uniformed things that was in homm 4, since they just offered rocky terrain with set places where building can be, and since it was implemented that way it was almost irrelevant what each individual building was.
I am not sure regarding homm7 towns screens yet. I think main challenge from artists is to make certain feel of emtpy vs fully built. For example in homm5 (its sort of subjective so i presume there may be different opinions) most castles had large central element (castle , necro tower , tree etc) with buildings being relative small addition, and often merging with that large element. So once castle is fully build we can see it;s more populated but it doesnt give that impression that , now we have fully built one. Homm 2 actually conveyed this feel extrmeely well. I especially remember necro castle , which unbuilt (even more if in village state) looks extremely bare, giving that impression that it's a weak castle, and vice versa.

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