Summon Boat Bug

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Summon Boat Bug

Postby Kalah » Jun 22 2014, 17:01

"H3 spell hotline, how may I help you?"
"Yeah, hi, I'm having trouble with one of my spells."
"Which spell would that be, Sir?"
"I'm trying to summon a boat."
"Then I suggest trying the 'summon boat' spell, Sir."
"That's what I'm doing! It won't work! It just says there is no boat to summon!"
"Ah, yes, that error message will appear when there is no boat to summon, Sir."
"But there <i>is</i> a boat - I paid for it myself."
"Sorry, Sir, we have no reports of such a malfunction. The boat is summoned by the spell when a boat is available."
"But I'm reporting it now!"
"Are you sure you have a boat available, Sir?"
"Listen, I can <i>see</i> the boat! It's right there! All I need is for the spell to..."
"Please hold, Sir."
*muzak playing*

If you would like to take a look at the original page visit this link: ... php?id=917
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Summon Boat Bug

Postby Pol » Jun 23 2014, 16:07

ROFL This is quite common however. The best fun for AI is to having Gem, going to shipyard, paying for a ship, make a trip along the shore and at its end move to summoned ship.

The key is proficiency.

And if you're lucky enough you can swarm your sea boundary line with summoned ships as AI never use Scuttle Boat spell.
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