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In the Light Room

Postby Kalah » Mar 22 2014, 23:49

Rife <a href="/ ... 6">said</a> that he wanted me to shed more light on things, so here it is - info about the upcoming MMX DLC:

<p>"A new chapter begins: Continuing the story just after Act IV, this new chapter throws your party kicking and flailing into a sticky web of dangerous intrigue targeting the heart of the imperial court.

Face new enemies: The Falcon & The Unicorn introduces an all-new array of iconic enemies: the Haven faction.

Explore new dungeons: Blaze your own path through 2 exclusive dungeons, and solve the dark mystery that could change the fate of Ashan forever."

If you would like to take a look at the original page visit this link: ... php?id=903
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In the Light Room

Postby Rife » Mar 26 2014, 14:38

Ah, satisfaction. :D
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