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Babes, Sex & Video Games

Postby Wolfsburg » Mar 4 2009, 22:27

The argument I bring here its one the most ancient topics in which conservatives and liberals wholeheartedly disagree. But some quite violent games are rated 17 while games with any degree of pornographic activity are rated 18.

So here we sit, thinking how bad it is that "sex" is exploited as merchandise without a single mention to the fact that in many of those games heads are being blown with shotguns, or chopped with axes. To be concise and less disgusting I'll avoid any mention to other violent depictions we got used to see at such games.

Quite frankly, I dont see the erotic component in fastasy art as something with potential harmful effects to the society. Opposite to extreme violence, which HOMMV, as its previous editions, managed to keep T rated. This leaves me with no heartfeelings against the developers.
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