Academy Creatures Statistics

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Academy Creatures Statistics

Postby aaelgr » Jul 24 2007, 22:17

The Storm Lord can't have both unlimited shots and no melee penalty. That's stupidly powerful!
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Re: Academy Creatures Statistics

Postby Grumpy Old Wizard » Jul 24 2007, 23:20

aaelgr wrote:The Storm Lord can't have both unlimited shots and no melee penalty. That's stupidly powerful!

Well, the Titan/Storm Lord is easily blocked since he is a huge creature and the battlefield is so small. Titan/Storm Lord's can't really be considered shooters because of this. Most of the time they will not be shooting much at all. They are really melee creatures (with lower hit points than other level 7s) who also have shots. And I think the number of shots not being specified was probably an oversight anyways.

And the Storm Lord's special as currently revealed is somewhat weak but that is true of most of what we know of the other academy alternate specials too. Hopefully all of the specials are being rebalanced and the academy will fare somewhat better with the reworked ones.

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Academy Creatures Statistics

Postby Inisto » Sep 17 2007, 22:21

Storm Lord+Ancient Treant in Ranger Army = Christmas in July!=)

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Academy Creatures Statistics

Postby Guarderman » Oct 20 2007, 9:15

You should really update the pictures and names on TotE creatures

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Academy Creatures Statistics

Postby ThunderTitan » Feb 12 2008, 12:21

It really does need to be upgraded to TotE already...
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Academy Creatures Statistics

Postby godsmack » Aug 21 2009, 14:04

storm lords are too slow

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Academy Creatures Statistics

Postby Arreal » Sep 6 2010, 21:43

storm lords? they are storm titans

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Academy Creatures Statistics

Postby Tyber Zann » Sep 15 2013, 1:30

The old school academy. The new school academy. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?!!

1) Gremlins. Saboteurs have better stats, so as a generic shooter they are better. The traditional masters have a much better ability though. Saboteurs can, well, sabotage enemy war machines. This sounds cooler than it is. It can only be used once and it only lasts one turn. all it does is stop the machine for 1 turn. The enemy loses 1 ballista attack, or catapult launch, or heal, or replacement missile for shooters I suppose. Compare this to the masters repair, which restores HP to a friends war machine or mechanical unit stack, that being golems. This can only be used once, but with lots of masters, u can effectively re-build (resurrect) tons of golems. This is wayyyy better than making the enemy lose a war machine turn.

Gremlin masters win. Unless u don't use golems. Who doesn't use golems?

2) Gargoyles. From the French Gargoul, a gaurd against Gouls/monsters.
Obsidian gargoyles are, in my opinion, the most cost effective tank unit in the game. For a low.price, u get an abundant, fast flyer with a ton of HP for a tier 2 and immunity to fire, ice, and air magic. They make the perfect wall on the field. Ideal for a hero that uses magic and shooters. Like wizards.
The other gargoyles (they call em marble here but their not, can't remember the name) are far more specialized. They are very useful in some situations, but are far too specialized, and can't be used as tanks because of their ability. Stats are close enough, but their special ability is basically opposite. While Obsidian gargs are immune to most magic (as elementals they can't be mind affected or poisoned either), the "marble" gargs are actually vulnerable to most elemental magic attacks. The kicker is that they pass this vulnerability off to all adjacent units, friend or foe. So, if u use them as tanks, they will significantly weaken ur army against magic. The way to use them is to rush the enemy lines, pass on the vulnerability, then hit them with destructive magic. Sounds cool, but it has problems. Ur throwing them into the grinder. This is like blitzkrieg, u won't be able to keep it up for long. soon ull have no gargs at all. Who's gonna stop the goulies now? Also, wizards usually don't use destructive magic. They favor the other 3 schools more.
When u look at these potential situations, the Obsidian garg is the clear victor. An awesome tank has infinitely more value than a flying lightning rod. The only other unit the academy has that can tank are golems, and without garg support, a lone golem stack won't last forever, even with repairs. The academy NEEDS a solid tank, and that's what Obsidian gargs r for.

Obsidian gargoyle wins.

3) Golems. One of my favorite units. They're like medieval terminators. "I need your robes, your boots of swift journey, and your horse. Now!"
Steel golems are solid @$$ kickers. One of only a select few units with the coveted "unlimited retaliation" ability. This makes them an unpopular target for enemy melee units. they also have %75 magic proof, making them unpopular targets for casters or enemy magic. So whos gonna have the gonads to fight these things? Shooters. Perfect. Ignore the other dudes, waste my terminators, and ill just fix em with master gremlins. Steel golems are supreme fighters that can tank/retaliate, or just hit, and retaliate.
Magnetic golems have similar stats, but a much more specialized, and sometimes extremely useful ability. Basically, they sacrifice unlimited retaliation in exchange for complete and utter magic immunity. NOTHING insubstantial can touch these things. It's the T-1000 dogget of the terminator golems. As a bonus, they also suck magic damage away from adjacent allies, while suffering no damage themselves. They are the ultimate counter unit to anything magic, in the hands of a wizard no less. So who's better? Depends on ur enemy. Might oriented? Steel. Magic oriented? Magnetic. Both?? Uhhhhhh. Since steel are still %75 magic proof, steel is more versatile.

Steel golem wins, unless ur fighting heavy magic users (warlocks, wizards, necros)

4) Mages. This one is tough, based heavily on player preference. Archmages are simply stronger mages with more spells and the ability to assist the hero with casting, reducing mana cost %25 as long as at least one remains standing. This is a great unit, and suits a player who likes casters. Battle mages, however, take the cake in my opinion. They don't have the casting prowess of the archmage, but, they have better combat stats, natural magic resistance + aura (like a weaker version of magnetic golems abilities), and, a CRAZY SUPER AWESOME ability that for some reason is not explained in their in game info. It's hinted at in their bio, but doesn't show up in their ability list. All mages. Arch or battle, have "magic shot". A ranged attack with no range penalty that travels in a straight line and damages anything it touches, including friendly units. This mean u gotta be careful to not hurt ur army. Battlemages, however, can shoot over the shoulder of adjacent allies. Basically, their magic shot will not damage allied units that are standing directly next to or in front of the battle mages. This means u can treat them like normal shooters and box them in for protection, which u cant do with archmages. u have to leave a gap for them to shoot through, and once the enemy starts moving, it just gets harder. Battle mages are looking better and better. They are more capable shooters and also provide magic defense to their physical protection units. Perfect combo.

Battle mages win.

5) Djinn. Like that movie where Shaq is a genie then turns into a djinn.. yeah Nvm. Anyway, the traditional Djinn sultan is great. Fast hard hitter ( little light on the defense side) with the ability to cast random spells on units. Light for allies, dark for enemies. This is good, but I think the new Djinns are better. Visiers, as their called, not affiliated with Vissers, the military chain of command used by yeerks... Yeah never mind. Anyway, visiers have better stats, and a better casting ability. Rather than random spells, they inflict luck. Both good and bad. Good for allies, bad for enemies. the amount is random between 1-3 I think, but at least u know what ur getting. It's more reliable, and can seriously mess up ur enemy. They're just better. Visier 3... Enough.

Djinn Visiers win. (Take that u shapeshifting centaurs from space)

6) Rakshasa. The old school Raja has no enemy retaliation. One of the best unit abilities their is. The new brown cats have replaced this ability with an area damage attack, like hydras or war dancers. This is awesome, but trickier to pull off successfully. I think no enemy retaliation is more useful. But mass murder is just as useful. This ones up in the air. Little help?

Rakshasa... Draw.

7) Titans. This ones pretty straight foreword. Similar stats, so let's look at ability. The old school Titans have a lighting spell that requires no mana. It basically let's them do good damage at long range, and continue to shoot even when blocked. Storm Titans, however, can create a storm once, but this 3x3 storm significantly cripples shooters under its influence. For that reason alone, they win.

Storm Titans win.

Anyone disagree. Let the verbal fencing begin!
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