Mapmaking Tips

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Mapmaking Tips

Postby SAITAN » Jan 23 2007, 23:11

If you would like to take a look at the original page visit this link:

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Mapmaking Tips

Postby Deathanyl » Jan 27 2011, 23:09

we found to make balanced maps a basic tally system was required for mines artifacts, treasure, so everyone's color had the same but different. Then it was a challenge of skill, and do layers from the colors base, wood and ore/ lest the map is scares in it by design should be close to home with actual roads leading to it so no hunting required. Now fighting to get there is up to the difficulty of the map. Then do layers out from the castles to the no mans lands with harder and harder guards, and to make the AI attack if playing 1 color have each color lacking in something, so they need to explore :) and play test it from all sides and make a list of places the map doesn't work. also the pass-ability grid should always be on! during creation.
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