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Bandobras Took
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Re: Inferno Strategy

Postby Bandobras Took » Jun 21 2007, 20:49

lord_demion wrote:I agree that Inferno is might orriented. To me however this means the job of your hero is to make the job of your troops as easy as possible. To this effect I tend to wait a round or two to have the enemey approach my forces. (Summoning all the while).

While I agree that Gating is the first action your troops are going to take, more often I prefer to get them within attacking range. I would say that less casualties are caused by forcing the confrontation early in a battle; if you hang back, then your opponent will likewise hang back and deal with whatever you've gated to block his shooters.

When they get there My hero has softened them up and the tropps jump the units en-masse. Killing them with allowing absolute minimal retailiation. (We want to reduce troop losses as inferno is offensive not defensive.) I even try to make sure it is a gated unit that strikes first to take up the retailiation. Inferno speed and attack (not to mention hellfile) dismembers the units in short order.

I would say that this is again an argument for not waiting -- the key to reducing casualties is to make use of the Inferno's damage-dealing potential ASAP to reduce your opponent's stack sizes.

Dark magic is key to spliting up and weakening the enemy forces so they are not dealing my units more damage than they can handle, while they do thier job.

Alternatively, War Machines+First Aid Tent will resurrect your troops (and improve your ammo cart in the bargain), while Evasion and Vitality improve durability.

War Machines will also let you become a castle breaker with Brimstone Rain, while Defense gives you Hellwrath on Retaliation strikes, indirectly decreasing your casualties.

I agree that Dark Magic is the magic of choice for the Inferno, but I don't believe that a Demon Lord need prioritize Dark Magic in order to be effective. A Demon Lord can profitably focus on Dark Magic, but it's not vital to do so.
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Inferno Strategy

Postby lord_demion » Jun 21 2007, 22:02

I think the opbections here are from misinterpretation of what I'm saying by holding back. What I do is instead of immediately advancing my creatures gate. Meanwhile my hero hits the enemy with mass slow or similar spells. Second action for my creatures is to hit any unit that the enemy advanced into the center of the field. The attack is like a pack of wolves. Cerberi and Mares kick first with no-retailiation to weaken the stack then a gated stack hits to absorb any retailiation and all other units hop in. Meanwhile my hero, succubi, and pit lords are pounding thier missile units and casters. The dark magic is used to disable them (mass confusion) and then harm them (decay/curse of netherworld) While the pitlords and succubi pound the ranged units (and any protection they have). In addition, this often takes out the war machines in the process.
Net effect the main meele units are only dealing with other meele units on my terms, and the ranged units get pinned down to reduce thier effectiveness all the while. When one or the other group is taken out, then everyone gangs up on the remainder.
Without dark magic my hero is just sitting there making physical attacks (and mark) which while useful, are not very effective against anything but nuetrals. The dark magic makes his turns a serious impact on the field. It is not neccesarily the first thing I grab on a pick. I can get by against nuetrals without it. It is however in the top 4 skill choices and a definate item I want to have when I go up against enemy heroes.

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Inferno Strategy

Postby agni77 » Oct 9 2007, 2:03

if they had a L1 or L2 shooter, i'd go for grok as my main... but since they don't, i always end up using Deleb.

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Inferno Strategy

Postby solvente » Apr 30 2010, 23:32

Yes, it is possible to get more of 100% creatures of the original stack with gating. Especially in XL maps with Nymus.

- Nymus (lv 40) ----------------- +40%
- Ultimate Gating --------------- +45%
- Gate Master (Leadership) ---- +20%
- Infernal Loom (building) ----- +5%
- TOTAL ------------------------- +110%
with Swarming Gate (Luck) there is 10-35% chance to double this)
With all these abilities is even possible to get the ultimate (Urgash Call)

So in long games, Nymus can be unstoppable (with 110% instant gating with a chance to get 220%!!!)
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