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Re: Heroes VII Q&A 2

Postby Pitsu » May 12 2015, 6:36

Oakwarrior wrote:But please still consider, that everything pre-H5 was 2D - it brings a fair bit of extra work to make it "human-friendly" :p

Whose decision it was to not have it 2D, and therefore not "human-friendly", anymore?

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Postby Panda Tar » May 12 2015, 14:47

King Imp wrote:Don't even get me started on needing to draw where battles were allowed to take place. Yeah, that was necessary. ;|

Damn. :disagree:
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Heroes VII Q&A 2

Postby Kalah » May 26 2015, 22:23

H7 will be a traditional game that you can play without a web connection (one-time activation needed, though), or you can play multiplayer online with friends.
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Postby markkur » Jun 19 2015, 12:42

As far as the history of Map-Editors and what the latest and greatest should be...I'd go for the H5 Editor but seriously refined and made every bit as detailed and user-friendly as H3's. I didn't mind the learning curve for the H5 editor but what I did detest was that it was introduced to the public is an in-house, as-is shape and very bare of the basic "must-haves" to help people create a map.

<imo> If instead of the H6 fiasco they'd just went it and gave the 3d editor all the one-click features and replaced all "forced" scripting to do the simpliest actions of the H3 Editor (like objectives)than I think results would have been far better.

However, as Sal said, as well as others, if the game does not run well? or is of ill-design? etc. then an awesome-Editor, whether for map or campaign...will serve no purpose in the end. We have to have the Horse first or the cart will sit unused. <L>

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