Heroes III Castle in UE5 by Radim Zeifart

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Heroes III Castle in UE5 by Radim Zeifart

Unread postby {CH}ArticleBot » 15 Mar 2023, 14:17

The Heroes III Castle recreated with the Unreal Engine, simply breath-taking:

Heroes of Might and Magic III - Castle Town UE5 Castle Town from the Heroes of Might and Magic III game rebuilt in UE5. I started with very precise low-poly recreation of the original town in C4D and then used it as a blocking layout in the Unreal beauty phase. Entire project took around month of work.

Can you spot where there's dog in the video?
Who looks like a town mayor?
If you want to see screenshots from modelling the town in UE5, see his ArtStation profile.

Radim Zeifart's ArtStation | YouTube Hurricane profile | And animation company, where he works

Thanks for the alert to Julien "Marzhin" Pirou & Angelspit Image
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