fheroes2 - Release 0.9.18

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fheroes2 - Release 0.9.18

Unread postby {CH}ArticleBot » 15 Aug 2022, 20:07


Dear supporters and fans of Heroes of Might and Magic 2!

Today we are excited to announce a new release of fheroes2 - 0.9.18! This release is a bit unusual in terms of visual representation but it contains a lot of important changes.

The first thing which the team was fixing is audio. As you remember we made significant changes in the code to push audio on the next level. In this release we polished things to make it even better. Windows OS players were facing a lot of issues related to MIDI music: fading sounds, inability to restart songs where they being stopped, or even crashes on Windows 8. We added new sound font package to fix all these issues so you can enjoy music in full power. This applies only for SDL 2 build.

The second thing which closed over 40 bugs is a new rendering system for Adventure Map. Old rendering system was full of issues such as heroes being visible through mountains, boats being rendered over other objects, monsters being seen over fog. Now most of these issues are gone.

This new rendering system allows us to progress towards new map format, in-built map editor and also to easily add new objects on Adventure Map.

We also fixed multiple issues with amount of monsters in objects, their distribution during battle, Diplomacy rules and other small but important logical situations. The team updated Polish, Bulgarian, Russian and Hungarian translations.

We hope that you enjoy this more polished release which is very close to 1.0 release.

You could also support the project development on Patreon.

You can discuss fheroes2 here, as well as to check previous releases.
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