Heroes III Kickstarter Board Game with Ubisoft Approval

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Heroes III Kickstarter Board Game with Ubisoft Approval

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Oct 22 2021, 21:02


How I will know exact date when the game will be ready on kickstarter?

Subscribe at https://homm3boardgame.com and from here also on kickstarter. You will receive notification e-mail when it will all begin. And that shall be at November 2022.

 Who is staying behind the game?

Archon Studio, thoroughtful maker of tabletop games and miniatures with love and help of kickstarter platform. You can see their previous activities here.

Is that official?

Yes, the project got official blessing from Ubisoft.

Is that first?

Also yes, to my knowledge this will be the first Heroes III board game, with Ubisoft blessing.

Also we have been lucky and sent Kamil a few questions:

CH: "The core game will feature three Towns to choose from: Inferno, Castle, and a yet to be announced faction. Each Town will feature two heroes to play as, along with creatures representing each Town."
Will backers have some chance to influence it? Iana did all towns but her Minotaur is really famous.

AS: Yep, of course, more towns could be unlocked during the KS campaign, and backers totally will have an impact on it.

CH: "The game will come with over 30 detailed miniatures, including famous heroes like, ‘Catherine Ironfist’ and ‘Xeron’, as well as iconic creatures like Archangels, infamous Devils, and all-time classic Dragons."
Models will be colorized or not? At what size?

AS: We'll offer pre-assembled miniatures, but unpainted. 25mm bases, 32mm - high.

CH: The Gameplay. That's a a big question, how it will be done. Can you say more about it?

AS: The game will have an exploration aspect - the main map will be created from the hexagonal tiles. The battles would take place on different boards, and players will be using units miniatures (some kind of a "quick chess" system). Also, economic aspects will be present - mines controlling, the town's developing (special town boards)...

CH: How many people are working on the project?

AS: In the early stage, about a dozen. 

Deliver game best strategy in the HOMM3 universe as possible. And create a game for fans - we encourage to participate in our survey.

CH: If you can say, who stays behind game mechanic and art?

AS: We'll be using well-known in the community Iana's Vengerova's arts and Tomasz Badalski's works.

The main game's designers are Jakub Olekszyk (Wolfenstein, MOTU: Fields of Eternia) and Kamil Białkowski (MOTU: Fields of Eternia - solo rules).

CH: Any special event/activities/effects? Like Week of Imps? Holy Grail? Teleport?

AS: Sure! We're trying to find the best solution for implementing special effects.

CH: For an inspiration, do you know Karak? (That's tabletop game of year, here in Czech Republic. Dungeon. )

AS: Yep, we know "Karak" but it's mostly a dungeon crawler, so that's a different genre.

Thank you Kamil for coming and arranging the answers from your Archon Studio teammates. Much appreciated! You have our eternal thanks on the behalf of whole CH Team.

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