Heroes Orchestra: Nature from HoMM IV

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Heroes Orchestra: Nature from HoMM IV

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Oct 7 2021, 16:38

This week is stuffed with news, so here I'm to bring you news which comes in advance. Heroes Orchestra Insider Previews: Nature from HoMM IV (Premiere will start in 80 minutes)


There is more to follow, immediatelly when I grasp some time at my hands. Apart from previous years, this year flourish with news and at least one more newsmaker would be handy. These are, in no particular order:

  • Important Update of fheroes2 and they are now on Patreon
  • Vinils with Heroes III Soundtrack (Music by Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King) with art of Magdalena Katańska
  • Fanstratics Letter #14 with Gawker (That's like Clurichaun to Leprechaun, so is Gawker to Beholder.)

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