David's Mullich Interview at Nelly's Channel

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David's Mullich Interview at Nelly's Channel

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Sep 24 2021, 14:07


Nelly posted on his channel "Bored With Nelly", exhaustive and over a hour long interview with David Mullich. And profesionally divided it into sections, so you can jump to point of (your) interest.

Who is David Mullich? Check our page.

0:00 Intro
1:30 How David Got Into Video Game Design
10:57 The Prisoner Discussion
19:02 How The Prisoner Broke The 4th Wall
23:00 State Of Video Games Today
30:50 Was The Prisoner Used By The CIA
32:45 The Prisoner 2
39:00 Hunger Mechanics/Craft Systems - First Of Its Kind
42:15 Working At Disney - Ducktales
44:25 David's Time At 3DO/Heroes Might and Magic
48:50 The Story Behind The Iconic Art Of Heroes
51:18 The Controversy That Led To Elemental Expansion
58:23 The Beauty Of Heroes 3 Exploits
1:04:41 The Heroes 3 esports Scene/favorite strategy
1:09:05 New Heroes Games/Outro

Very relaxed interview. Thanks Nelly for creating it and pinging us.

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Re: David's Mullich Interview at Nelly's Channel

Postby cuc » Nov 4 2021, 10:01

For Mullich's earlier career, check out articles at Digital Antiquarian:

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