New, exciting upcoming interview, and Part 2 with Michael Wolf

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New, exciting upcoming interview, and Part 2 with Michael Wolf

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Oct 28 2020, 0:29

Hey again everyone!
It's me HeroOfPunk... Oh wait, actually. PoL was nice enough to make my wish come true, I am officially MadMax instead of HeroOfPunk, a name that has been with me since I was 15 and had a 40 cm Mohawk.
Oh well, on with some more interesting news!


My math exam is finally over, which means I will now have time to finalize the edits of Part 2 of the interview with Michael Wolf, a legendary Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Level Designer!
ICYMI, here's the first part of the interview:

Part 2 is coming, THIS WEEK! 

But wait, THERE'S MORE! I really do believe it is tolerated to use the good old Caps Lock in this case. Because, next up for a interview is LavaPotion, just in case you may have missed them, they are masterminds behind the Heroes of Might and Magic inspired game Songs of Conquest. You can check out their first reveal trailer in the video below!


So, that's all the good news, right? Well not really.
To end this all around positive article, I wanted to end with some of the stats that we have accumulated through our 3 interview videos released so far.
Subscribers: 96 (So close to 100!)
Most viewed video: Interview with Michael Wolf, 1145 views
Most commented video: Interview with Tim Lang on Aeolwyn's Legacy (Watch here!)
Likes in total on our videos: 162

Dislikes on our videos: ZERO, ZIP, NONE! That's pretty damn insane? (Please don't go disliking our videos to mess with our pride)

So, that only leaves one thing.

What questions do you want us to ask LavaPotion about Songs of Conquest? Most likely, this interview will be held eye to eye as the developers and I happen to orginiate from the very same little small swedish city.
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Re: New, exciting upcoming interview, and Part 2 with Michael Wolf

Postby Panda Tar » Oct 28 2020, 0:56

That's cuteness overload! :hug: I still find HoP more original, HOHOHOHOHO

Nice that the next interview will bring someone a lot of people might be wanting to interview themselves, for the waiting is long and full of terrors. :D I do hope they are ready to provide substantial information too. :lol:

Let me see a question ...

Right. :idea: Nothing too exotic. It regards day and night cycle. Apparently it does exist in the game, although I don't know if each will be represented by a single turn, or if each turn means 1 hour, or your character's movement would represent the cycle itself. Anyway, I was wondering battles would have cycles of their own, starting a battle in the morning, finishing at night, something like that. And if that was the case, if it would make a player apt to jump in and out of battle to deal with other businesses on the map (as the rest of the world continues existing in the meantime, cycling). Or, if it would be simplistic, a turn is a cycle and battles would linger in that cycle regardlesss how many turns in-battle it would take. I am aware that the former situation would be a tad tricky to deal in multiplayer by my point of view, still, depending on how it would be designed, it could work, for I am not an expert.

I think that's that. :D
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