Arcante - A Might and Magic inspired game

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Arcante - A Might and Magic inspired game

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Oct 17 2020, 7:58

Looking for "Feedback and betatesting".

Lorcan is looking for feedback of his new game, if you would like to betatest you can apply to him - by sending PM. Or join the disscusion to help him making the game better. Image

Arcante is:

  • CRPG Dynamic Adventure (not turn based though)
  • Where you can discover unique game mechanic as you go
  • Manage and equip your party
  • Mysteries and hidden treasures are awaiting you
You can check more about the game on Steam and on the thread below Image

Release date on Steam is scheduled at 27 Oct, 2020

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Re: Arcante - A Might and Magic inspired game

Postby Pol » Oct 17 2020, 8:09

Discussion continues here.
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