Back to School with Creature Quest

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Back to School with Creature Quest

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Aug 20 2020, 16:17

Nothing, really nothing could you prepare for this sudden event. The Creature Quest strike violently with +1000 diamonds combo. Let see what they says 'bout it:

Back To School Event!

Log in anytime during the next week (until 8/26/20) to receive 1000 FREE Diamonds!! Summon Creatures, refill Energy, upgrade your Kingdom – whatever you need! Quest on!

That's call to arms! Come and join, there's nice community of players. Look for M&M Guild, to be with us.

But it's probably not so random. The Back to School motto was around already twice, wringling in the air, with School or Hard Knocks and Kingdoms introduction.

 A few tips:

  •  A fool and his diamonds are soon parted.
  • Go for Mantis, Swan, Ant, Rat, Bat, Sabre, Kobold, Hippogryf, Hyena, Kitsune and Nymphs, Dark Elf, Pegasus, Ettin, Walrus, Baboon, Asura, Colossus, Behemoth, Sun-Wu-Kung and Anubis whenever you will have a chance!
  • Save gems to update your creatures fully, before evolving to next levels.
  • Bonuses in Guild Wars counts only for defense. For max offense have fully leveled, awakened and totemized. Units can deal a critical dmg too, that's displayed with a green number.
  • Wait for night to get a higher chance for Killing Blow!
  • Learn where and on what difficulty you can get your resources
  • Upgrade castle and shrines to get BT51 early, ofc, your Legs too. Remember that only Green, Yellow, White and Black can be usefull!
  • White, Black, Red and Blue are easiest to gather resources for. In this particular order.
  • Support your guild with garissoning your army for defense, and at least twice attack and share ship(min level 40). Sharing is caring and there's a reward for it too.
  • Never invest into creatues below 2 dots. Aim for 4 dots or 3 dots. Below are good for awakening only.
  • Get bonuses from the shop, upgrading speed points - permanent (3x times for 200/300/500D) - and getting more exp and gold before you gonna rush.
  • Ask you guildmates or players in the game or Discord or in our forums, if you would like to know more! :D

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Re: Back to School with Creature Quest

Postby Pol » Sep 6 2020, 20:50

Slowly preparing some advanced tips, they will be coming :creative:

  • Using Legs for awakening is a bad idea, there are exceptions. But generally for awakening there are essences. You need to build up your armies fast.
  • Prefer enchants which can either boost your primary skill or are strategical choices. Like boost luck, boost power, self-cleanse, protection vs debuff etc.
  • Slowly re-roll dots, to create sets, which you can combine easily without additional re-rolls. Price for another dot set is high and it's useful only for late game, mostly players 300+. Until that you will fight for gold once to often.
  • Read your units abilities and awakening stats and combine them thoroughly. Never underestimate "mend" or "fatique".
  • Mana funnel. In second turn is possible to have ready two units with sec attacks charged.
  • Some things are not here. No Blue Leg can rezz and Druid as well.
  • Debuffing and buffing is stronger, that it may seems on first sight.
  • Quick Coins saves your time greatly and you can have them for free.

When you start, it's recommended to lean to one color, White is having most resources in the game (The order is White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow). And prefer legs of these color to build mono color army. You will need one for a defense. The top most is 4d mono color army with gold enchants. Whatever sweet it sounds, getting 4D or even Gold Enchants it's just for late game - so focus the color.

Join some stronger guild(Page 1-4 in ranking) to get additional Legs and other bonuses, trust me, this makes a difference.

You need to prefer key units development and push them always fully up within given tier (3-6stars).

* There's special one time reward for completing all Grand Wishes
* White "Grand Wish: Fable" - Mission objective: "Kick Peri and his trickery from the land."
Special - you can pick bonuses for easy first time completion. So it gives sense to first time to pick "Power" and anytime else nothing, to get a more gems. Final battle is also having one nasty trick, if you forget to destroy the Star they will duplicate, and again and again. You also need to rescue all Pandas to get access to the town. Start with visiting Quest Tent in the upper left corner.
Bonuses: Power/Wealth/Experience/Nothing from Peri = more gems
  • Use all colors with exception of Black. Especially for a start some classic army, even from smallings can do it fast. Just with red, green, white team you can make it to Lord, sometimes even to Prince difficutly.
  • Use Quick Coins to run through it fast, once you completed it.
  • Rewards contains everyhing for white creatures development based on difficutly. So for Squire and Knight you can get fragments, for Knight and Lord you can get Sigils and so on. Need to say that you will need tons of Fragments and Sigils, as well as gems and golds :devious:

* Summoning:
Color Idols, Diamond Idols and Mytical Idols have all chance for summoning a leg and therefore are part of Diamond Summon Events.
Epic Idols cannot summon Legs, despite wrong name description on them.
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