Quantomas AI Public Beta Ready

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Quantomas AI Public Beta Ready

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Jun 20 2020, 22:19

Huge News
A bit silently, in LotA thread, Quantomas announced that his AI is ready for public testing!

To all fans of LotA, if you are interested to see the new advanced AI of Heroes V come to life or take part in the project, you are welcome to join us on Discord.

Prerequisite: you need Heroes V the Tribes of the East standalone expansion, version 3.1. We recommend the GOG version https://www.gog.com/game/heroes_of_might_and_magic_5_bundle which is frequently on sale for $5 if you can wait. The Steam version of TotE works as well.

The Heroes V fan-manual version 3.1: http://www.bonddisc.com/ref/Heroes5-Manual-en-3-1.pdf

The latest AI upgrade: http://www.bonddisc.com/ref/H5AI_31n_beta.zip

Make sure to read the included pdf, especially if the download version is a beta. It also has the quick install instructions.

I would like to remind everyone, that this is beta and more is merrier. When you can, please come and help, by plaing. :D

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Re: Quantomas AI Public Beta Ready

Postby Quantomas » Jun 21 2020, 5:55

Thank you kindly, Pol!

I have to add that the current beta is a bit more rough than what I usually release, more like daily development snap-shots.

We will leave this mode after the last big upgrades are in, mostly a complete overall how the AI assesses the strategic situation. It sounds not like much, but this ties everything, an outstanding lookahead and proper event sequencing, together to make the AI indeed seemingly sentient. So it is a big upgrade that is currently worked on. If all goes well we may have it in a week or so.

Still, you are welcome to check out what is available on our Discord already and what we plan to work on.

Here is an updated Discord invite:
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