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Kings Bounty II. - Devs Diary

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Feb 5 2020, 14:33

Information about new Kings Bounty II. are finally, albeit slowly, pouring to the public. Period of silence after GamesCom in Cologne seems to be over.

At this moment there are planned three main heroes classes, for which you will be able to play. Traditionally they will be Knight, Paladin and Mage, thought the names are not final.

Knight hero will be Aivar, and there's already short introduction at the Steam page.

Developer 1C-SoftClub is very ambitious about KB II. It's one of the biggest projects And they assembled a completely new team of 65 people, when not counting in also all of the outsourced staff. To bring you RPG with realistic graphic, with many quests and challenging combat. It shall be big.

They will focus on:

  • RPG part (with different lines, led by your decisions and character, many side quests)
  • Combat (limited units stacking, affinity, forcing you to combine different units which can work together, elevated terrain to give you an advantage)
  • Cut scenes - they have a special team for it. Show more, talk less is their motto. The game should be almost in cinematics quality.
  • And overall realistic graphic in UE4.

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Re: Kings Bounty II. - Devs Diary

Postby BB Shockwave » Feb 13 2020, 21:58

Yeah, I have seen this like a week ago. Not really happy about it. Was anyone asking for them to tone DOWN the combat in King's Bounty? Now they say turn based combat will only be 1/3 of the game... That and the boring looking (all human) units, the muted Dragon Age/Witcher style colors, the whole thing looks like a giant step back from the colorful HOMM-style high fantasy and back to Game of Thrones style low fantasy with way too much RPG instead of TBS.

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Re: Kings Bounty II. - Devs Diary

Postby raekuul » Feb 13 2020, 23:06

Why don't we make our own King's Bounty? With Blackjack! And Hookers!
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