Succession Wars - Released

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Succession Wars - Released

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Jan 4 2019, 8:23

H3SW beta v0.8 came out.

Visit their forums for downloads and bug reporting or make your note down. Enjoy when it's fresh! ;)

INSTALLATION note by Orzie added 5.1.2019

1. Install clean Heroes 3: SoD or Heroes Complete (without HotA, HD, WoG, ERA, etc.)
2. Download and Install H3SW v0.8.0
3. Install HD Mod if you have troubles with h3sw.exe.
4. Check if <Fix.Cosmetic> = 0. Write this line manually if it isn't there.

If you have the unlimited resources bug + Dragon Tower bug:

0. Delete the game+mod+HD directory completely.
1. Re-download H3SW v0.8.0 Installer from the same links.
2. Install clean game, install the mod, install HD Mod.
3. Make sure that <Fix.Cosmetic> = 0 in HD Mod launcher. Write this line manually if it isn't there.
3. Enjoy!

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Re: Succession Wars - Released

Postby Super Goober » Jan 6 2019, 3:25

Beautiful! Obviously, since it's in beta, there are still crashes and glitches that happen. Buggy, but functional!

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Re: Succession Wars - Released

Postby cjleeagain » Jan 6 2019, 8:15

Um, isn't this just H2 in H3 form? It's not going to add that much content is it? In H2 there were only 6 factions and most of the campaign was about Wizards vs Warlocks. So how are we going to get the new factions in?

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Re: Succession Wars - Released

Postby Pol » Jan 6 2019, 16:01

@Super Goober
Right, there are but they are squashing them pretty fast. I don't know when they started alpha and beta - but been in testing for a few years, see my previous article. ;)

They are not adding they are replacing, whole game is now in H2 mood, with some new units (in comparison to H2) and many changes. From H3 there's used original engine + ERA2. See our last two PoTD.
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Re: Succession Wars - Released

Postby Panda Tar » Jan 7 2019, 3:03

Noice! I'll wait a bit more for a more 'final' release to try it up.
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