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Free Heroes 2 Enhanced

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Dec 4 2018, 9:44

A relatively young and stabe program is F2HE. First seen release is from Dec 9, 2017 and from that time, they made it into the stable version. The Free Heroes 2 Enhanced engine is created with use of SDL but, of course, you are still supposed to have the original Heroes II. bought.

You can download the windows build from here. Quite extensive explanation of what are changes vs original engine, can be found on the program homepage here. Scroll a bit down to see it.

By itself the Windows version is bundled with demo of Heroes 2 but you can copy your files (DATA/*.agg, MUSIC/*.mp2, /MAPS and original exe.) here and you will get PoL under Free Heroes2 Enhanced engine.

From my (actually short) test time, everything seems to be in place. Oh, just before the start configure the game via "FH2Lanucher.exe" and you can start it by "FHeroes2Enh.exe".

Don't forget to "Save the Config". And when the program first time load all your maps, it will take awhile.

It can do Quick Combat, use spacebar and h key for moving and selecting your heroes. Supports resolutions 4:3 up to 1920 x 1080. See screenies below:

Map Editor is not in the scope of FH2E. If you would like to have a better one you will need to wait for our next article.

I think that you may be pleasantly surprised here. ;)
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Re: Free Heroes 2 Enhanced

Postby BB Shockwave » Dec 7 2018, 5:56

What is actually enhanced in this? The graphics? New keybindings? I was only aware about the tablet version of HOMM2

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Re: Free Heroes 2 Enhanced

Postby Pol » Dec 7 2018, 8:18

They added Quick combat, optimized keybinding, reduced boarding penalty, speed it up and cleaned UI. So a lot, it's a new engine not a mod. ;)

On page they have:

  • Buying buildings with one click?
  • Upgrade units with one click if you have resources
  • Last saved file is put on top of "Load" list (files are sorted by time, not name)
  • An installer that will also download the Heroes 2 Demo or extra maps to not look for them how to copy (only on Windows now)
  • Quick combat to avoid tedious battles. If the QuickCombat results are not perfect, you can replay the battle
  • Performance improvements over Free Heroes 2. Especially when "end-turn", in my testing is around 3-4 times quicker
  • Many UI fixes
  • Game balance fixes: going to a boat will not drain all movement points (but it will dran many). This matches more with Heroes 6-7 gameplay, but is nicer like this. The same is with digging for treasures
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