H4 Object Package - Beta released

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H4 Object Package - Beta released

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Sep 16 2018, 10:15

Good news to those who have long been waiting for mirrored objects for H4.
We're pleased to share with you, a beta version of the H4 Object Package, fully compatible with both WoW version and Equilibris mod. (Std. and TGS versions remains to be tested).
Download it here (15 MB)

The H4 Objects Package v.0.55 contains mirrored versions of ALL Creature Banks and Creature Dwellings, complete with altered shadows and highlights, working animations as well as adjusted flag positions and entrances. Worth mentioning is the 3 versions of the previously unfinished Magic Lamp (creature bank).
Also included are all objects from Equilibris 3.51 and 3.55, fully compatible with non Equilibris mod.

Adding objects made by Radmutant69 and Mirage, the current package contains no less than 1141 new objects, ranging from mirrored adventure objects to a large amount of decoratives and even new terrain types.

Ready made aop files (both for Equi editor and WoW) are included, meaning all of the objects have been placed in the editor's palette, along with maps that displays the many new objects.

Planned updates will include:
  • Mirrored Quest Huts along with additional Quest Huts.
  • Mirrored Movement Modifiers.
  • Mirrored Misc. Adventure objects.
  • Mirrored Power Ups.
  • Additional decorative objects.
  • Previously unused dwellings: Sea Monster Lair, Mermaid Sanctuary and Mega Dragon Lair.
  • Hero Portrait bank, for editing with the Equilibris FaceTool.
  • Creature Hero sprites (by NimoStar) allowing for any hero to appear as any creature both in combat and on the adventure map.

Feel free to report bugs like bad highlights, shadows, animation speed, flag position, entrance point, passability info, badly centered images, glitches etc

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Re: H4 Object Package - Beta released

Postby iLiVeInAbOx05 » Sep 19 2018, 21:49


Now I just need to get more sleep so that I'm not too tired to work on the H4 Resource Editor so that more and completely NEW objects with animations can be easily made :D

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Re: H4 Object Package - Beta released

Postby Karmakeld » Sep 22 2018, 18:55

iLiVeInAbOx05 wrote:Woohoo!

Now I just need to get more sleep so that I'm not too tired to work on the H4 Resource Editor so that more and completely NEW objects with animations can be easily made :D

I can keep Radmutant busy for now, but it will be great when those features are done :)
I still have a lot of images that needs fixes with shadows and higlights, but it won't be long before I will start punkin' you to complete those features ;)
Oh, also have any one downloaded and tried it yet?
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