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Music For Heroes

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Feb 21 2017, 12:26

 I'm big fan of music in Heroes Series, really being touched by Heroes III. music, which were my first ones, and after some years even more by music from Heroes IV.

Time passed and there's one thing which is always remarkable about Heroes series - and that's the music. Always been here, always inspiring. With people humming the melodies and bearing them where they go.

It doesn't matter whether we are talking about NWC Heroes fiddled to the perfection under Jon Van Caneghem's baton. Or about new Heroes from Ubisoft, created under supervision of Fabrice, who was everywhere or Erwan, who ..wasn't.

Heroes music was always great!

Courtesy of Might & Magic composers: Paul Anthony Romero, Rob King and Steve Baca.

We may also call it a dream. As much as it's a classic, it's gaming music and never fade. It created its own trace in the history of gaming, giving it a soul.

There were music mods for Heroes III - IV. "Unexpectedly" they seems to be nowhere found today.

And there are players, which come and play their favourite parts. Musicians, who played  the tunes when being young. And the game likely too. This is about them.



String quartet "Lively Arcanum", Moscow.

Heroes III.
Fortress | Stronghold | Inferno | Grass Theme
Heroes II.
Warlock Theme | Main Menu


Anastasia Soina violin - Heroes of Might and Magic III - Menu Theme
Phantawalker, piano cover - Heroes of Might and Magic (Necropolis + Medley)
Mashuggah Halcyon, harp cover - Heroes of Might and Magic IV – Dirt Theme


Master of Sighiosara: A Gyondrian's TaleJim Nordström - A Dragon's Gaze
Paul Anthony Romero - A Gyondrian's Tale
Per Pouraskari - Jolly Tavern, Morgan Tentaclus Tune, Radria's Valleys, The Troll King Perko, Wintersong from Jaral

M&M official channel on Soundcloud

 And link to an article about M&M music, with greater length and few tunes.
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Re: Music For Heroes

Postby Pol » Mar 1 2017, 19:54

Ha, also Witcher.

Warning, that this is also GoG advert.
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Re: Music For Heroes

Postby Coldy » Mar 2 2017, 21:10

I love the music of the Heroes series. It's been consistently excellent over the years. :)

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