JVC Skype Interview on Matt Chat 366

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Re: JVC Skype Interview on Matt Chat 366

Postby Galaad » Feb 26 2017, 23:12

Quantomas wrote:Did JVC say when Creature Quest is coming to PC?

I'm not sure the game is intended to come to PC tbh, it's quite the mobile format, but for all I know you could always ask in the HC thread at the attention of HungryDragon, he's a dev and answers questions there. :)
My biggest hope is this game both gets great benefits and that JVC uses them to buy his IP back. Maybe he needs to know it would make so many people happy after the Ubi carnage.

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Re: JVC Skype Interview on Matt Chat 366

Postby Quantomas » Feb 27 2017, 14:40

Thanks for the info. I may try that.

The business side of mobiles is not as simple as many think. Most people think they get rich quickly, but the big earners are only those at the top of the charts.

Business might be more reliable on the PC. JVC could easily build a more advanced game based on what they have now.

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Re: JVC Skype Interview on Matt Chat 366

Postby Velaar » Jul 7 2017, 15:04

For me it's hard to forgive the day of destroyer (no, not MM8 but the day Heroes IV were released) but still the best chance this IP has is JVC.

And maybe, just maybe they can put things back together into a larger universe (with ancients, multiple populated worlds, etc, etc..).

Watching the success of Battletech kickstarter campaign actually gives some credibility to a scenario where: JVC accumulates assets and reputation as VC mobile, launches a small kickstarter campaign to attract investors (to show that people are still interested in the IP in spite of best Ubi efforts to kill it), buys the IP back from from Ubi. But such scenario requires a prior agreement on price between Ubi and VC mobile which is likely to go behind the scenes.

Maybe we as a weakened and old community can try to write an email to JVC asking his thoughts directly. Battletech is a good example that this can work. Personally I'm ready to commit finances and personal time unconditionally to give it a shot. Any thoughts?

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