Is this an ad, or is Ubisoft really this good?

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Is this an ad, or is Ubisoft really this good?

Postby cjlee » Dec 21 2016, 14:04

Just look at what TIME magazine, of all publications, has done with Ubisoft ... interview/

From the starting praise: "French multinational games publisher Ubisoft has turned out some of gaming’s grandest franchises. 30 years old this year, it’s become a creative heavyweight whose reach extends across six continents."

to the ending claim "We are primarily after that, to put you in situations and in front of people that are different from the ones you might meet in general, and that are actually going to help you to think about an idea and perhaps learn something. "

It seems that TIME magazine is now in the habit of printing paid advertisements in the form of objective news.

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Steven Aus
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Re: Is this an ad, or is Ubisoft really this good?

Postby Steven Aus » Dec 22 2016, 0:52

There is no such thing as objective news. Period. However, some is more "balanced" than others.
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