Heroes VII. - Development cancelled

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BB Shockwave
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Re: Heroes VII. - Development cancelled

Postby BB Shockwave » Oct 13 2016, 5:20

Ryder wrote:Katauri to the rescue. :applause:

Hopefully. :S

Just hope they give it to the original KB team, not the monkeys who cobbled Warriors of the North and its sequels together... I basically beta-tested that game for them, after an official release. And they haven't made a KB2 still, so I don't know how well we can trust them...

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Re: Heroes VII. - Development cancelled

Postby Troller » Oct 13 2016, 8:29

BB Shockwave wrote:
Romanov77 wrote:Good riddance.

Now we just need to get rid of Ubisoft and then get rid of Ashan.

Amen! Bring back Enroth and Erathia. Let's pretend Heroes 4 never happened, either. I have no issues with the gameplay, but I hated that they destroyed decades worth of lore in one game and killed important characters off.

After Heroes 3 I don't think I want to go back to Enroth or Erathia ;-) Though we talked about XCom in another thread, and I think the way they handled the story for XCom2 was inspirational, so reboot the story in a world where Archibald won :devil:

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Re: Heroes VII. - Development cancelled

Postby overall » Oct 15 2016, 23:47

well not much a surprise...
i haven't play H7 since i played it through... these past heroes games been much same old bit like star wars movies they could try to film those sometime bit different perspective... i would rather seen third person rpg made of this game or even mmo...
but i think its bit too late since theres so many of them unless its made on oculus or something more interesting...
i dont think that ubisoft has any hurry to sell this frachise and is there even buyer for it...

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Re: Heroes VII. - Development cancelled

Postby cjlee » Oct 29 2016, 12:41

BTW, I believe it should be MUCH CHEAPER to do live action filming, than 3D modelling, for certain cutscenes.

There are lots of cosplayers who would be happy to sit around a round table and discuss strategy with H7 Ivan, for instance. You could get actual fan volunteers to do all the work, and just pay the cameraman and maybe loan a few rooms in some castle, and get good enough life-action quality.

Understandably, certain actions like flying dragons and huge armies won't be possible given budgetary constraints. But that's not beyond a good scriptwriter to finesse. Sometimes you can just pay a studio a bit of money to reuse a few seconds of their discarded footage eg a brief clip of some flying dragon that didn't make the final cut in Game of Thrones. That is better than having static 'animations' without moving mouths like in H7.

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