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BB Shockwave
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Re: Fortress Lineup

Unread postby BB Shockwave » 11 May 2016, 22:40

And they pretty much stole the design of the fire giants from D&D - right down to their dwarf-like build, black skin, and flaming hair and beard. Does Ubi have no shame... and also no respect of copyright? Even Pathfinder redesigned their fire giants to have deep red skin instead. ... _large.jpg ... 5d1784.jpg

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Re: Fortress Lineup

Unread postby Galaad » 12 May 2016, 08:54

BB Shockwave wrote:
Galaad wrote:
Danny wrote:Nival's legacy barely lives.
Lol, what about NWC's legacy? You know, the dudes who created the freaking game.
At this point I feel apart from a few old timers like us, no-one remembers.
I'd gladly kickstart someone doing an old-style Heroes game, they can name it differently, but they could use Enroth, Erathia, the old names - since Ubi never cared for or used them, ever, apart from Crag Hack and Sandro.
Heck, just yesterday I played a bit of H3HD, and man I missed that game. Heroes 7, I not only uninstalled already, but even deleted my saves and the download. I want to see no trace of it on my PC.
Mate please if you're going to play H3 don't play the Ubi, play HotA with HD Mod. :tsup:

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Re: Fortress Lineup

Unread postby Fuddelbaerentatze » 22 May 2016, 11:38

I like the beavertailless beavers. Seriously, no trolling. But then I am not to much emotionally attached to any lineup or lore from any inkarnation of Heroes of Might and Magic. To me, lineups were always a mess no mather if it was 3DO or UBI
Biblical angels in castle? Pegasi in a tolkieness rampart?
D&D Dragons and Eyes of the Beholder with greek minotaurs and medusa?
Greek titans, hebrew golems and arabic djinn in eastern european mountain city?
I never spent much time to figure out the logic behind such factions and the games were fun nontheless for most of the time..

Hamsters or Beavers in the dwarf faction are not the end of the world. Maybee there will also be beaver heroes. Lets call them Dagett and Norbert.

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