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WoG Creatures

Postby Angelspit » Oct 16 2006, 14:04

ImageCloudRiderX spent a lot of time with the popular Heroes of Might and Magic III mod, In the Wake of Gods. He created a new page for all the new neutral creatures that were introduced since 2001. The page includes stats, abilities and some tips, but it's worth a look if only to see what the WoG team came up with a little hacking and image editing, and no access to the source code. If you thought Heroes III had too many creatures, you should definitely stay away from that mod!

As for the Wake of Gods level 8 creatures, they can be found in the associated town page: Castle, Conflux, Dungeon, Fortress, Inferno, Necropolis, Rampart, Stronghold, Tower. Even though I don't like their names as much as the neutrals (Blood Dragon, Supreme Archangel), you can't help but be amazed by those godlike stats. The next version of the Wake of Gods is 3.59, but I don't think it will be released anytime soon.

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