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Blog Q&A 3 released

Unread postby Kalah » 27 Jan 2015, 11:36

Finally some <i>news</i>; an <i>interesting</i> Q&A. By "interesting" we mean that it contains new information or at least confirmation on certain bits of information the Community at large have been asking for, rather than things that are either old news or obvious. Here we go, then: <img src="/images/smiles/smile9.gif">

<ul><li>Flexible adventure map dwellings.

<li>Buildings can be destroyed, but not without consequences.

<li>Terrain influences movement.

<li>You can dig for treasure.

<li>"Fast combat" is available.

<li>All the typical game modes we're used to are in - possibly more.

<li>Achievements and artefact sets are in.

<li>There are neutrals. Sea elves and griffins are disclosed, more probably to follow.

<li>More adventure map spells than in H6.</ul>

<b><a href="/ ... s-p3">Read the whole Q&A here.</a>

If you would like to take a look at the original page visit this link:
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Blog Q&A 3 released

Unread postby Romanov77 » 27 Jan 2015, 19:05

Sea pirate elves LOL.

Sometimes I feel developers try to be original for originality sake.

These questions are slightly better, but I still see nothing about the A.I.
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