MMX Development Ends

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MMX Development Ends

Postby Kalah » Jun 19 2014, 12:12

Limbic Entertainment have <a href="" target="_blank">announced</a> the conclusion of support for their latest game, <i>MMX: Legacy:

"Today we announce the end of the Might & Magic X – Legacy project. Indeed, the development team is now switching to exciting new projects. It’s painful for all of us to say goodbye to MMX, but rest assured you will hear about Might & Magic again soon.
No further updates are planned for the game or the website but we will continue to monitor the OpenDev blog and the forums, so you can be sure we’re still reading your comments! Indeed, today we would like to leave you the virtual keys so you can record all the amazing things you achieved. If you would like to share any information about the game, unofficial patches, workarounds, mods etc. please let us know in the comments."</i>

The end of support for the game will come as bad news for those who were hoping for an improvement in the modding system, but we are interested to hear about the "exciting new projects" Limbic are working on.

If you would like to take a look at the original page visit this link: ... 1403179951
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Re: MMX Development Ends

Postby Avonu » Jun 19 2014, 15:03

Why am I not surprised?

If you would like to share any information about the game, unofficial patches, workarounds, mods etc. please let us know in the comments.

I would like to share information about official patches, modes, etc. :P
There is an achievement to gain lvl 40, but it's not possible without cheating.
Thre is also a bulding near tavern outside Karthal, which looks like another dungeon entrance, but it's only decoration.
And there are many others things in game, which look like unfinished features.

Let me be clear - game is fine, completed and playable after patch 1.5 but still it's just not enough and MMX is very short. Also DLC seems to be rushed and not tested well (might and hybrid parties have problems in first dungeon).
I think players waited for Limbic to fix this issue, but it will never happen now.
Still MMX has ended in much better light then H6.

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Postby Panda Tar » Jun 19 2014, 15:52

Really? heh, now I'm not inclined to play it again.
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MMX Development Ends

Postby hellegennes » Jun 19 2014, 20:20

Why? Why not develop at least another DLC if not an expansion pack? Too bad.

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MMX Development Ends

Postby Spin » Jun 26 2014, 3:29

Hopefully the game sales takeup was good enough to make it worth developing. But in RPGs the DLC takeup would probably be very small in constrast to the costs of creating the new dungeons/units etc, hence why limbic would move on to create another game instead of do DLC for the current game.

Really looking forward to what's happening next.

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