Mullich & Vanover Interview on H3

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Mullich & Vanover Interview on H3

Postby Kalah » Feb 25 2014, 21:37

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of <i>Heroes III</i> (Friday the 28th), Ubisoft have released an interview with two of the guys behind it: David Mullich and Chris Vanover. Sir Mullich speaks about how he was drafted into the production and his thoughts around how the team was put together, while Sir Christian gives us a short talk about the creativity process.

<i>"I had few concerns when I left the project for a few days when my wife gave birth to our second son. When I returned to the office, my team surprised me by creating a new hero for the game, Sir Mullich, whose in-game description was, “Generally stoic, Sir Mullich is prone to spasmodic fits of uncoordinated excitement believed to intimidate his troops into working faster.”"</i>

Read the whole thing <a target="_blank" href="">here</a>.

If you would like to take a look at the original page visit this link: ... 1393364271
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Postby mr.hackcrag » Feb 26 2014, 4:53

There was a lot of writing in that interview about making H3 art better than H2, but I recall that H2 seemed to win most of the art competition threads back in the day... before I became an old geezer :sad:

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Postby Angelspit » Feb 26 2014, 14:04

My favorite quote:

"I soon found that each of my leads were so talented and got along with each other so well that I realized I was working with a dream team the likes of which I have never again experienced in my thirty-five years in game industry."

Perhaps that's what made Heroes III so special. Happy birthday Heroes III!
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Mullich & Vanover Interview on H3

Postby hellegennes » Feb 26 2014, 20:36

I've probably stated a gazillion times the reasons why I prefer H2 over H3. But reading David Mullich's story makes me finally realize what lead to the direction that H3 went and which I did not like. Don't get me wrong, I still love H3. But the artwork direction, the absence of gameplay changes, the mediocre music and the over-balancing made for a less interesting game, in my humble opinion. And now I have the answers as to why these things happened; Mullich decided to change the art direction, they did not pursue a lengthier development cycle, Paul Romero was plutoed to assistance status and they took balancing a bit too seriously.

Also I got my answer as to why H3 initially had so many more bugs than H2 (which only had really minor or rare bugs which no one would even put on a changelog nowadays).

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Re: Mullich & Vanover Interview on H3

Postby BlackDragonSlayer » Mar 2 2014, 0:57

hellegennes wrote:But the artwork direction, the absence of gameplay changes, the mediocre music and the over-balancing made for a less interesting game, in my humble opinion.

Those are all the things I love about H3 (the style of the world, and art in general, the engrossing and dynamic music that compliments the scenes, etc.). O_o

It's interesting to hear the story about Sir Mullich in the game- I always liked his unique speed specialty.

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