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Postby Shad0WeN » Sep 26 2012, 21:28

Salamandre wrote:H2 was wonderful and we had much fun to play it. But it was awful unbalanced in multiplayer, most cheesy tactics had no counter, which H3 fixed.

That is true. If someone approached your castle I seem to remember being able to continually rehire the same hero during the same turn (with fast creatures on them) and using them to spam attack spells at the invading force to cut their numbers down until you ran out of money or mana. Cheesy, but effective. Just one example but I'm sure there were others.

Also, the factions in the game were very unbalanced in some cases. Spellcasting (particularly attack spells) was also more effective in Heroes 2 than in the games that followed. No one ever wanted to play a Knight because they were weak and the creatures were absolutely terrible -- useless Tier 1 and by far the weakest Tier 7. Barbarian faction was a little better but still weak. Also, I would say the Sorceress was a little below the Wizard, Warlock, Necromancer. It's saving grace was the extra Phoenix growth rate compared to other Tier 7's. Anyway, I loved Heroes II as it was the first I played and what got me hooked on the series, but with 6 factions and 2 of them being noticeably weaker than the others, I think that was a significant problem regardless of how much nostalgia I have for the game.

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