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Re: Erwan Q&A at

Postby Pitsu » Oct 19 2011, 6:13

It isn't really resource management in any meaningful sense to flag a Crystal Mine that you're never going to use just to convert it into gold by clicking through various screens.
One of the common wrongs that saddens me a lot. HoMM used to be a game where you captured other towns. What was needed or not for your starting town had no influence on what you needed for expansion towns. On large H1-3 maps, if you try to rely only on troops from starting town or towns of native alignment, you most likely will not even beat AI. Access to various faction specific ("rarity" depends on mapmaker, thus not correct word for merc/cryst/gem/sulf) resources and being able to chose which towns to build up first, was a fun part of strategy planning. We could say that due to H6 town conversion one always has now only one town specific resource. What would happen in H6 with more unique resources? It happens that town conversion is not that clear choice anymore, because availability of faction specific resources could make it more efficient to keep towns of several type and hire creatures from several factions. Instead of creating superarmies of your native type, there is a viable alternative by combining factions or having several armies.

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Re: Erwan Q&A at

Postby ThunderTitan » Nov 20 2011, 15:28

>> So until you've put forth as much money as they have into the game, yes, you should be grateful. They're doing far more to support it, even if you don't happen to like the direction it's going.<<
If they're not going bankrupt then the fans have put more money into the game then they did... that's kinda how for profit business works...
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