JVC Working on a New C&C

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JVC Working on a New C&C

Postby Deadguy118 » Feb 25 2011, 3:30

Sure? I mean, you can't do much worse than Command and Conquer 4. The franchise is in need of some fresh air, and if the man behind Might and Magic is at the head than I am far more interested.
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JVC Working on a New C&C

Postby MMXAlamar » Feb 25 2011, 6:02

Cool. I hope he makes some more sci fi or medieval games in the future. Maybe even a racing game, lol.

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Postby Tress » Feb 27 2011, 19:13

TBH I cant imagine what can they do with CC brand now. Tiberium saga is finished and unless they retcon 4th part, there is no redeeming it, not to mention how disappointing it was. (Well last video with Kane was somewhat decent, but how do they manage to get so rotten actress all the time is beyond me. Mouse pointers wife just took prize as most horrible actress in cc series although i thought that nothing can surpass scientist from firestorm and that chick commander they executed in cc3... ). As CC fan I was extremely disappointed, even though initial trailers looked good.
CC red alert pretty much degraded into self parody to lampoon stereotypical reds with beers on unicycles, and anime. Not to mention that game itself was received somewhat lukewarm.
CC generals spinoff was hardly anything more than strategy nr(insert number ) as it didnt had any plot aside of US and A propaganda, how Bagdad have chemical scuds, and terrorists are horrible (or that was tongue in cheek, if so it went over my head). Gameplay was somewhat decent but still it didn't caught my attention too much.
Unfortunatelly I dont believe they can revieve CC brand now even with JVC on the borad (who potentially had affiliation with cc4 - man I will find you, if that will ever get confirmed). FPS they were making could potentially revive brand (considering it is better than renegade, which was somewhat lacking to say least) but they canceled it and coup de graced it with tiberium twilight so they need some sort of miracle for it to work.

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Postby ThunderTitan » Feb 28 2011, 8:28

Having seen some of the actors and actresses in C&C3 actually doing a good job in other stuff i don't think that was the problem...

They really should have saved money on getting known people and put them into getting a writer that can do cheesy comedy while not making it cringe worthy... the first C&C and Red Alert where great because the people in the FMV's where trying to be somewhat serious while realising it's kinda cheesy... Red Alert 2 went a bit too far imo, but after C&C3 and RA3 i actually can appreciate RA2 now (and i disliked it when it came out).
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