How to contact webmaster?

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How to contact webmaster?

Postby GrayFace » Jan 12 2009, 8:55

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to contact their webmaster. I got banned by spam filter there due to trying to use ".ru" in two posts :D Dunno how someone managed to make such a buggy spam filter :)
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Postby DarthVadre » Jan 13 2009, 4:04

I got banned for linking to Maestro's Mod by their spam filter ;|
Use a proxy server, just search for Proxify. There's others out there that you can get access through also.
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Postby tolich » Jan 13 2009, 10:14

I think if anyone will try to link to .by zone, it will be arrested by FBI! :D

This site also bans and for some unknown reasons.

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