GrayFace MM6 Patch v2.5.7 [Mar 4, 2022]

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Re: GrayFace MM6 Patch v2.5.7 [Mar 4, 2022]

Unread postby Eksekk » Aug 25 2022, 13:15

Rune_Caster wrote: Aug 25 2022, 10:44
I've noticed if you hold down the right mouse key in the menu, it shows everything that is unidentified. I had an issue with entering turn based mode when pressing enter - it would often count the enter key pressed twice - update to 2.57 fixed this but then I noticed this slight graphical bug.
It's not a bug, it's a feature :tongue: Seriously, look in Grayface's patch notes (also you'll find a way to disable it). I find it a great QOL feature.

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Re: GrayFace MM6 Patch v2.5.7 [Mar 4, 2022]

Unread postby Rune_Caster » Aug 25 2022, 21:39

Could you get stuck here before if you move between the shop sign and the two poles? (in-between them) I exited the shop and went to the left and this happened.

It won't let you move past it or back out...

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