Mok patch?

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Mok patch?

Postby Baduum » Nov 19 2007, 10:49

Hello, i recently decided to start a new MM7 game. However, i have been reading about a Mok patch.

Can someone explain what this patch does or give me a link to a explanation? I wanna know what it changes. Also, do you recommend using it over the original 1.1 patch?

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Postby Avonu » Nov 20 2007, 17:23

After you install this patch you can read readme. ;)

I remember only few things which Mok's patch correct:
- First and the most important - it enable run MM7 on Win XP
- Second - it gives bonuses to Special Items (like Lady Carmine Dagger, Fearie Ring or Clanker's Amulet) - in some game versions these bonuses are not working.
- It also remove bug from Psychic Shock spell - it should work correctly.
- Eliminate some others bugs - don't remember details.

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