Favourite/Least favourite dungeon?

The role-playing games (I-X) that started it all and the various spin-offs (including Dark Messiah).
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Re: Favourite/Least favourite dungeon?

Unread postby Eksekk » 28 Sep 2022, 12:10

My heart goes to Barrows in MM7. There are a lot of other really good dungeons, but barrows are just the best for me. The atmosphere... That music... I still remember when I was exploring them in "semi-solo" run with only one PC dealing damage with acid burst, searching for golem part... That also applies to Barrow Downs. One of best music in entire series for me. Also that may be weird, but due to Rev4 mod I love the Strange Temple. I can't explain why, possibly some nostalgia factor, but the plot involving it just feels so right, and the fact that you can't just walk in but need to wait for entry, and only have two chances. Also, as a matter of fact, this dungeon bumped up its music to one of my favorite ones. And similarly I love Dragon Caves (the Vault).

I also love all "late-game" areas which you don't have access to immediately (at least according to game design) and need to go through some sort of tunnels, portal and the like (can't just cross border). So I loved all of Land of the Giants, Plane Between Planes and Yorwick in MM9. The former two also have awesome music, and Yorwick one was pretty good too. MM6 didn't have area like this which is sad for me.

I don't have any "hated" dungeon in MM7. The most disliked ones are probably Walls of Mist (for reasons posted before - you can't kill anything but anything can and will kill you using all its power - this is IMO perfect reason to use invisibility, and I always do so, if I couldn't use it I'd like it even less) and Lord Markham's Manor (I hate thief promo quest, this is the hardest 1st tier promotion quest and harder than some second tier, the worst is that you can't just steamroll the dungeon like literally ALL others on its level, but you need to either overlevel and prepare or just use invisibility, and this isn't a piece of cake either due to the fact that dungeon is tiny).

I don't have strong preferences regarding maps in 6/8, but in MM8 most liked one is Mad Necromancer's Lab (for music and atmosphere) and Uplifted Library comes close. Also War Camp is interesting to me. Why? I don't know. Maybe the pointlessness of it, music and fact you see phoenixes here. I don't have strong dislike for, but I must admit that Escaton's Palace is lame for an almost-final dungeon. Just running around and trying switch after switch. Though I must admit that all that running around, monsters and the fact there is no music (is it a bug or intended?) makes it interesting in some way. Also I really like all maps using arena music and regna music. Overall music is probably the most important part of whether I like an area or not.

MM6 is the least liked game from 6-8 for me, but that doesn't mean I hate it, story and dungeons etc. are really good, I just don't like the mechanics (mostly lack of some key ones from later games). As for maps, favorite outdoor is definitely Sweet Water. That "doomed town" vibe and that ominous music... I remember I even had strange feeling while flying around for the first time that I shouldn't be seen by devils. Indoor maps - a lot are above average for me, but special mention goes to Tomb of VARN. Yes, it's tiring. Yes, it's repeatable. Yes, it's huge. But that mesmerizing music and the fact you spend well above several hours here and monsters are interesting... I remember having to go through genie-filled room REALLY slowly and carefully and pick right damage spells, which is unusual for most cases. I only cleared it once (I think fully) and probably wouldn't want to do it again, but I really enjoyed that one clear.

And as for hated one... CASTLE DARKMOOR!!! God damn it, not only are eyes resistant to damage, inflict three separate status effects of which one is really annoying to cure (and overall just having to constantly remove those effects makes them annoying even if you have right spells), fly, and most importantly cast that gruesome dispel magic, even through walls. Having melee party makes this dungeon pure torture (that shows importance of buffs), and even with caster/bow party it isn't a piece of cake. Unless of course you just run through to grab quest items and leave, which is a valid strategy, but I usually prefer to fully or almost fully clear dungeons.

EDIT: How could I forget Lich Lab in MM9? That dungeon is my favorite from MM9 and one of the best in entire series for me, Music, atmosphere, monsters, complexity, lich transformation... I never cleared it fully, attempted two times but couldn't clear the final room where transformation takes place and possibly a little before, but still immensely enjoyed it. Also Tomb of 1000 Terrors was really nice, especially music and that feeling of impending game ending really made me savour remaining time.
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Re: Favourite/Least favourite dungeon?

Unread postby raekuul » 28 Sep 2022, 12:59

Lord Markham's manor is an interesting one; I always just go in assuming that I'll eat a TPK. If I survive getting out then that just means Markham needs better security.

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Re: Favourite/Least favourite dungeon?

Unread postby Tomsod » 28 Sep 2022, 16:07

Barrows music is indeed the best music. Although my favorite MM7 location is actually the sewer. I like how the entire dungeon is centered around a block-moving puzzle! There really isn't enough puzzles from MM6 onwards, the older games had it better.

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Re: Favourite/Least favourite dungeon?

Unread postby Anubis » 03 Oct 2022, 00:42

I'm not going to count the one-room caves in this list.

MM6 Fav: Castle Alamos
MM6 Least Fav: Temple of Baa in Ironfist

MM7 Fav: Thunderfist Mountain
MM7 Least Fav: Walls of Mist

MM8 Fav: Balthazar Lair
MM8 Least Fav: Escaton's Palace

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