mm8 - Secret door in regna/harecksburg

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mm8 - Secret door in regna/harecksburg

Unread postby justl » 25 Jul 2021, 17:02


one thing about regna i havent found out yet:
there is a door above the inn in harecksburg - how can it be opened? (you can click on it, and it says "it seems to be locked")
anyone got a clue?

V2: Compendium of mm6-8 Secrets + Details about the base merge and DaveHer's redone merge ... index.html

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Re: mm8 - Secret door in regna/harecksburg

Unread postby cthscr » 28 Jul 2021, 20:40

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evt.hint[490] = evt.str[14]  -- "Door"[490] = function()
	evt.FaceAnimation{Player = "Current", Animation = 18}
	evt.StatusText(15)         -- "The door is locked"
Some doors can be just locked forever. Especially in unfinished locations like Regna.

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