Why do the Heroes of Enroth care about the High Council/Oracle?

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Why do the Heroes of Enroth care about the High Council/Oracle?

Postby blacktrance » Apr 6 2021, 8:06

They deliver the letter to Wilbur Humphrey, who sends them to look for Lord Kilburn, and promises them a vote on the High Council as a reward. But do our heroes have any reason to want that? Is there any reason for Humphrey to offer them that instead of just gold? Would they even know that the Oracle exists, considering they're random refugees from Sweet Water?

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Re: Why do the Heroes of Enroth care about the High Council/Oracle?

Postby raekuul » Apr 6 2021, 19:35

Everybody knows that the Oracle exists (there are random NPCs that will complain that the High Council needs to actually go talk to the Oracle), but only a select few know of its true nature (Letters obtained in both Agar's Laboratory at northern Kriegspire and in Gharik's Forge off the coast of New Sorpigal reveal that Archibald was one of those few).

As for why the Heroes of Enroth care, it's exactly because of them being refugees of Sweet Water that they care about visiting the Oracle - Falagar's the one who tells you to go see the Oracle (though admittedly his house is just a bit out of the way, being the one in the middle of the Mage camp in New Sorpigal), and if you keep reading the various notes and letters from the Temple of Baa it's highly clear that they are doing everything they can to stop you from visiting the Oracle, which suggests that the Oracle is (1) very real and (2) highly dangerous to their plans.

From a different perspective: the High Council can do more than just allow people to Visit The Oracle (having a local Lord in your pocket can be very useful in other ways), it's just the Heroes of Enroth are specifically looking how to undo the devastation that happened in Sweet Water (or, as it turns out in the very long run, to prevent it from happening again elsewhere), and that requires The Oracle's assistance.
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