Video / Sound Issues [MM8, GF 2.4.1]

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Video / Sound Issues [MM8, GF 2.4.1]

Postby ga_martinelli » Mar 28 2021, 21:42


First: Thank you "Grayface" and others involved for such amazing job on the MM Patches! Might and Magic World is a better for that :p

So, I'm experiencing some issues with videos and sound and hopefully someone can help me.

Whenever I'm inside a vendor's shop or a house, the video and sound freezes or a second or two than continues playing, then freezes and so on and on...

That only happens if I start the game with 3D Hardware Acceleration on. If I select Software 3D it plays fine (but graphics are just horrible if I play on SW3D lol).

I already tried changing 2dacceloff to 1 on regedit, but stills the same.

I don't mean to complain, game isn't unplayable but it's really annoying.

Any insights on how to fix it?

EDIT: Arcomage is very slow too, almost unplayable.

Thank you all!
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Re: Video / Sound Issues [MM8, GF 2.4.1]

Postby Novi » Apr 3 2021, 2:14

Set the game's executable to windows xp sp3 compatibility mode.

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