[MM6] Mechanics behind duplicating items from one map to next?

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[MM6] Mechanics behind duplicating items from one map to next?

Postby Graff » Mar 11 2021, 6:34

I tried googling this one a bit but haven't found anything on the subject. Certain items can be spawned from one map onto another. If you leave from New Sorpigal to Ironfist by foot, the horseshoes from the volcano spawn by the inn near Snergle's Caverns (one is under the inn... incredibly annoying.) However, if you leave for Ironfist by coach the shoes won't be there. Similarly, if on your first visit to Bootleg Bay you head directly east from the Tomb of Ethric the Mad the two herbs from that around the tomb will spawn in the same place. You have to run and quickly snag the berries because they spawn above the water and fall in.Anyways, the reason I'm posting is that I recall on my last playthrough being able to get the horseshoes to dupe from New Sorpigal to another land besides Ironfirst but now I can't remember which one or how I did it. Any thoughts?

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