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Elemental Mod for MM7

Postby Tomsod » Jul 31 2020, 21:35

Greetings everyone! I would like to introduce my mod for Might & Magic VII, the Elemental Mod. It's rather modest so far: its main goal is to re-implement MM6's elemental system (fire/elec/cold/poison/magic) in MM7. (I've always found it more aesthetically appealing.) There is also some undead-related content (e.g., zombified characters gain lich immunities, and some monsters can cast Destroy Undead on your party), and a few bug fixes (that I'll probably have to remove when the next version of MM7Patch comes out, as they're likely to be included there). For the complete changelog, see next post, as it's quite long.

You can download the mod from here. The mod requires a recent version of MM7Patch, but you do not need MMExtension (although having it installed shouldn't break anything). Unpack the archive into your MM7 folder, then go to Data subfolder and delete elemental.rus.events.lod if you're using the English version of the game, or delete elemental.eng.events.lod if you have the Russian translation. You will need to start new game for the mod to work properly.

This is my first serious attempt at modding this game. I actually have big plans for a major rebalancing mod with tons of new features, but gotta start small! If you find any bugs, or uncaught mentions of old elements (except in spell school context), please do tell me. Thanks!

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Elemental Mod ver. 1.0 changelog

Postby Tomsod » Jul 31 2020, 21:37

Main change: revamped, MM6-like elemental system

All attacks (spell or otherwise) now belong to one of the following elements:
fire, shock (electricity), cold, poison, physical (e.g. weapon attacks),
mind, magic, holy (undead-targeting attacks), or energy (ignores resistances).

It differs from MM6 in that mind is separate from magic (I think the reason
there were so many magic-immune monsters in MM6 (undead, titans, elementals...)
is that NWC wanted to make them immune to mental attacks, and those were
magic-elemental), and there's a formal element for anti-undead spells.

Spell elements mostly follow MM6, but there are some differences. Here's
the complete list:

All Fire spells, as well as Sunray, attack with fire.
Sparks, Lightning Bolt and Starburst attack with electricity.
Ice Bolt, Ice Blast and Souldrinker* attack with cold.
Poison Spray, Acid Burst and Toxic Cloud attack with poison.
Impolsion, Flying Fist**, Shrapmetal, and most direct-damage Earth spells
are physical attacks.
All Mind spells attack with mind.
Mass Distortion, Spirit Lash, Harm, Prismatic Light, Armageddon
and most debuffs attack with (non-elemental) magic.
Turn Undead***, Destroy Undead and Control Undead attack with holy.
Light Bolt attacks with energy, meaning it can't be resisted.
Dragon Breath attacks with both fire and poison, much like MM8 Darkfire Bolt.
For resisting this spell, the lesser of the two resistances applies.

* I initially intended to make Souldrinker magic-elemental, but there's
already Prismatic Light, and plenty of other magic spells, while cold
was underrepresented. Hopefully the "sepulchral cold" excuse makes sense.
** This is a change from MM6. I'm not completely sure the fist is not
a metaphor, but if it's not, the physical damage makes more sense.
*** Turn Undead cannot actually be resisted, but it won't affect
creatures immune to holy (i.e. non-undead).

Poisoned weapons once again attack with poison instead of body.
Blasters attack with energy.

Monster attacks and resistances have been reworked. Generally,
non-spellcasting monsters are vulnerable to magic; natural, non-poisonous
monsters are vulnerable to poison, fire-based monsters are vulnerable to cold,
and cold-based monsters are vulnerable to fire. In other cases, poison
resistance was copied from body, magic is approximately light and dark
averaged, and for undead, spirit was converted to holy. (Non-undead monsters
are immune to holy by definition.) Monsters that attacked with light
and "earth" now attack with energy; dark attacks are converted to magic.
Water attacks are now either cold or poison.

The six elemental resistance spells have been renamed appropriately,
so, Earth now has Magic Resistance spell, Body has Poison Resistance, etc.
I've managed to draw new buff icons (on the buff panel in the middle-right),
but the spellbook images and spell-casting animation are a bit beyond my skill.
Thankfully, they are mostly vague enough to pass as-is.
I've also renamed Protection from Magic to Immutability to avoid confusion.

There's a couple of other minor changes, such as the new poison resistance
protecting from the poisoned condition, and Phynaxian Crown boosting both
cold and poison resistance.

One notable tweak: base stats (Might, Intellect, etc.) are now more effective
at preventing harmful conditions. To elaborate: some conditions can be
prevented by having high base stats, and others, by high elemental resistances.
But in the original game even with 500+ in all stats the PC only had
a 2-in-3 chance to resist stat-based conditions, while for resistance-based
ones one only needed 50-60 or so to achieve the same level of protection.
Now, base stats are about 4 times more effective for this purpose.

Undead-related changes

I've gone on a surprisingly lengthy detour with various undead-related changes
while developing this mod. In addition to the new holy element, these
mostly concern undead PCs.

The original lich immunities were weird! The character got 200 body and
mind resistance on lichification, and then any resistance that was 200 or above
was treated as an immunity. That meant a lich could become immune to
other elements by stacking enough buffs; conversely, if body or mind resistance
was lowered (e.g. by equipping Hareck's Leather), the existing immunity
was lost.

In this mod, liches are immune to poison and mind, always, and
their resistances aren't even checked for this purpose. In addition,
zombified players are given the same immunities. The price for this is the
vulnerability to holy attacks. Some monsters (priests, wizards and angels)
can now cast Turn Undead or Destroy Undead if they detect an undead in your
party. Turn Undead scares all undead PC, unconditionally; Destroy Undead
deals holy damage to one PC. Liches have some holy resistance (20 plus any
luck bonus); other zombified PCs are completely vulnerable.

Reanimation spell is also changed: the zombified creadure now has the same
changes as the zombified PC (poison and mind immunity, but vulnerable to holy).
Monsters that can cast Destroy Undead may target these monsters as well.

Also, dark temples now don't turn stoned players and liches to zombies.

Bug fixes

While browsing the disassembly, I also found and fixed a few bugs in the
original game. I've forwarded those to GrayFace, so hopefully the fixes
will be included in the next version of MM7Patch. But for now, they'll be
in this mod, because why not.

Fix: "of Assasins" and "of Barbarians" weren't dealing elemental damage.
Fix: Kelebrim wasn't substracting 30 from earth (now poison) resistance.
Fix: Armageddon could not be resisted (now magic resistance applies).
Fix: control undead on the GM level did not work.
Fix: charm on the M level did not work; also, on the GM level it acted
like on E, and on E it acted like on M.
Fix: when monster cast spells on another monster, wrong resistance was checked.
Fix: some pre-placed monsters had spells they couldn't cast.
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