[Announcement] Crusader Kings 2: The World of Enroth

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[Announcement] Crusader Kings 2: The World of Enroth

Postby Toby » Mar 3 2020, 22:09

"Crusader Kings 2: The World of Enroth" is a for Crusader Kings 2 and was heavily inspired by the Warcraft: Guardians of Azeroth Mod for CK2. It is based on the Might and Magic universe by Jon Van Canegham and New World Computing. I am working on recreating the entirety of Enroth using my interpretation of the classic timeline. Play as the Human Lords, the Kreegan Generals, or the Centaur Chieftains and bring Enroth under your control! Help the Kreegans burn the Planet, create Powerful Weapons using the Heavenly Forges, reconnect Enroth to the Web of Worlds as an Independent Planetstate or reestablish the Colonial Government with the help of the Ancients.

You can play as everyone on Enroth. The Chief of Goblinwatch, a Kreegan of Eofol, Slicker Silvertongue... It is your choice.
Pledge allegiance to the Kreegan Empire, the Ancient Empire, or any other of Enroth's Factions and use their help to fulfill your destiny.
Old Nations such as the Empire of Bracaduun, the Colonial Government, or Alamos can be recreated and are ready for a new Leader.
Relive the Wars of Enrothian Succession, the Night of the Shooting Star, the Restoration Wars, and many other historical events.
A class system that allows you interactions in ways suitable for your class like raising the dead or healing other's wounds.

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